There were so many things I did not know about you
But still, when you held me in your arms,
I knew, I have known you forever

There were many things you did that made me feel so angry
But still, at the end of the day when you kissed me good night
I knew I could go on like this forever.

There were so many things you failed to do,
Times when you failed to care
But still,
When you gave me a peck on my cheek when I was depressed
I knew you were the man I could trust forever.

There were so many times you made me cry
But still, whenever I look back in time and peek into the memories
I know you would do anything to keep me happy forever.

There were times when we fought,
Times when we wanted to end it all
But, today as we sit next to one another on this bench
I know, living my life with you was my dream that has come true

And I know, tomorrow we might not be there for one another
A time might come when either you or I would leave the other
But, in the end, I know and you know it too...
We would love each other, forever.

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