Broken Quill

The quill that wrote once
Now lay on the desk, broken

The parchment lay on the desk
Waiting to feel the quill on it
The quill is thirsty but the ink is dry
The hand does not even want to try!

But ~
One fine night
When the moon shines bright
The quill will be picked up
And its thirst quenched
One fine night,
The quill will passionately love the parchment

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  1. Hey Micey! How are you??
    I've always loved this of your best.
    Email to come in a few days :)

  2. Hi Arti, a very good one. I remember reading it before.
    Hope to hear more. Take care.

  3. Arti HonraoJuly 17, 2010

    Yes, It is republished. I hope I will be able to write new ones soon :)


  4. Arti HonraoJuly 17, 2010

    Hey Doggie! I am good. I am so happy to see your footprints here :)  
    How have you been all these days? Waiting for your mail.



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