Yet Another Silent Night

The silent night whispers
Memories of the days gone by
Lessons learned, tears shed -
And, the smiles smiled and shared.
The still night,
Thick with emotions -
Blur momentarily
As a tear makes its way down the cheeks.

The breeze soothes my mind
Tells me, it's there with me, still.
Just the way it used to be.
The Silent night promises me
An improved, better tomorrow
Just like it had - years ago.
The road, it still reminds me -
Of the sleepless nights I spent looking at it
Talking to it, sharing my thoughts-
While the world slept peacefully.

Life has changed -
I have changed,
However -
Some things are just the way they were -
My relation with the silent night
The secrets we shared, the times we smiled and cried together
They are still the same
Safely tucked away, for me to visit -
On yet another silent night.

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