Watching Over

a candle lit in darkness
a breeze on a suffocating hot day
he knew that's what she was.
always there, ready with a cup of coffee
a massage to relax his tired body
and smile to relax his exhausted mind.

a broken heart,
an unfulfilled dream,
the suffocation of painful memories -
that's what he had left her with;
years ago -
and now, like every other day,
he'd be waiting for her to come.
he knew, she would -
she always did.
she always visited him and he watched silently
as she sat next to him and sobbed
and he could do nothing.

he wanted to move on -
but her suffering tethered him
they said he was gone -
but his soul lingered.
to watch her suffer;
each day, every day -
as she cried over his grave.

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