I Am ... (Chain Poem)

I am the light surrounded by darkness
A drop of water for the thirsty soul
I am a smile on the face of a crying child
A tear that cleanse the soul! ~ Arti

I am the wind that guides your ship
through the many storms of your short life
yet also the storm that molds the fiber
of your very being from day to day. ~ Janice

I am the tear hidden behind a smile
A reflection seen in the mirror of the soul
I am the rosy color in the eyes of the lover
A soothing balm for a broken heart! ~ Arti

I am the angel guiding your way
A touch of light to your path
I am the love to your life
A special soul in your heart ~ Venuss66

I am the road that leads to the end
The dead-end that waits to swallow the road ahead
I am the pot that is filled with water inside
I am the water that is spilled outside
I am the truth no one sees to be true
I am your conscience, ready to bite you! ~ Arti

I am the spider that weave the web
I am the webmaster that develop the web
I am the surfer in the Pacific Sea
I am the surfer in the cyber cafe
I am the fisherman who fish using the net
I am the cybermaniac who continously roam the net ~ Cyclopseven

You know I am the all that is
for I live in each and every thing.
Call me dear ones by my true name;
call me THE GOD THAT IS. ~ Janice

© of respective authors
This Chain poem was posted at Heart Speaks To Heart forum where I was admin once.
I had started the thread with the first few lines and rest followed as reply to the post in the thread.