in memories

he had died,
he was sure of that,
yet, he was there -
watching her sleep
he touched her,
her body warm to his touch
he smelled her hair,
a few strands of hair responded to his breath.
i love you, he whispered
i love you, too she murmured.

she shivered,
it was getting cold,
she pulled up the covers
and tucked herself in properly,
she turned in bed -
and looked straight in his eyes;
yet not seeing him.
she sighed,
her breath tickled his skin.

he called out her name,
she did not respond.
he tried to touch her again,
but met with an invisible wall instead.
he could not smell her anymore.
he looked at her hand, it was clearly seen -
mark of a wedding band recently removed
he had died,
he was sure of that.

he stretched out on bed, next to her.
watched her as she silently cried
his place in her arms replaced by a pillow.
he knew what he had to do -
he had to wait until she fell asleep again
he would be alive, then
he was sure of that.

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