NaPoWriMo 2016 - 1 to 7

I have participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month) and have been posting in a group "The Significant League"
Re-posting those poems here -

*Your Touch* 1.4.16

Your touch
Gentle, soft
Brushing against my skin
I shiver
With anticipation...
- Of moments to come
When we will no longer be
Just you or me
- Of promises made
Unspoken words
That bind us together
Forever, as one.

*I Found Myself* 2.4.16

"It will ruin you"
They told me
I chose to love you, nevertheless 
Lost myself in those beautiful eyes
Hoping to find myself some day
We held hands, we kissed
We talked of future,
We promised -
We will be together forever,
No matter what 
And then -
Fate struck and you left
I spent days sitting alone;
Dried tears on my cheeks
"We told you so" they said 
As I wept over your grave
"Love has ruined you" they taunted
How could they know?
How would they believe?
Love did not ruin me
Nor did you really leave
I'd fall in love all over again
If fate brought us to this moment once more
I'd cherish the kisses and the hugs
And the moments when I lost myself in you -
Because in those moments;
I learned to look at myself-
Through your eyes
And I fell in love with myself.

*Nothingness* 3.4.16
I reach out to you
in thoughts 
as I sit alone, waiting -
for the moment to come
that'll take me down
deep down to a place
where I might disappear forever
dissolve into nothingness.

I plead
hope you will listen
and you will come
to save me from 
the unsettling feeling 
of depression
slowly seeping into me
making me vulnerable 
each moment; 
as the serpent coils around me
choking me each passing moment.

I cry out loud
when I realize it will perhaps be too late 
if and when you come
I will be crushed and ruined;
the serpent of depression 
would eat me alive
and I would soon begin
to dissolve into nothingness.

I see you
just when I am about to close my eyes
the unconsciousness -
preferred than the alternative
I give in to the unnatural sleep
believing you were just a hallucination

it's not until I feel -
your breath on my skin
not until you gently -
run your hand over my head
that I realize you are real 
I take a deep breath
as I see you pick me up in your arms
and take me away from the serpent -
which coils around itself;
waiting in the dark,
to strike again.

*Story-teller* 4.4.16
I am a story-teller

I tell stories

through poetry as well
if you listen carefully.
the words might not rhyme
but they are dipped in emotions
they will take you -
on a journey of love, pain,
anger, sadness and joy
they will show you -
what it means to be alive
and what it means -
to let go.

I am a story-teller
and no rules can contain me
my words will flow
the way they are meant to
I am a story-teller 
and I will tell my stories
listen to them, if you will 
and be prepared 
for an emotional journey.

I am a story-teller
my characters mean a lot to me
I feel their emotions 
and I make sure you feel them too
lose yourself in to their world
cry with them
laugh with them
love and forgive with them 
make memories with them 
or learn to let go…

I am a story-teller
come, listen…

let me tell you a story.

*Love Poem* 5.4.16

when she saw him
it was love at first sight
she inseminated her mind
with thoughts of his
words were conceived 
and a love poem was born.

they met again, he smiled
her heart skipped a beat
that night, she dreamt of him
of their future together
and a love poem was born.

when they next met
she told him how she felt 
they held hands that day 
walked in the park 
butterflies fluttered in her stomach
and a love poem was born.

they met almost everyday
kissed each other on the lips
they were in love;
they were inseparable
she looked into his eyes
and a love poem was born.

one night -
she invited him in
that night -
they made love
as she lay next to him;
her head on his chest
she could think of no words -
she knew she could never write about it
she kissed him on his lips…

and her life became a love poem.

*Broken* 6.4.16


Broken, it lays there in a corner
Rusted and forgotten
Old swing, which once stood on the porch
Keeper of moments bygone,
Even today it holds memories;
Now covered by dust of time.

*Raindrops* 7.4.16

music on the pane
streaks on fogged window
only witness to our love-making
shy away.

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