NaPoWriMo 2016 - 8 to 14

Poems 1 to 7


she wakes up in his arms
his breath against her neck;
soft and rhythmic.
she lays motionless, 
lest she disturbs his sleep
she feels his presence,
his warm body against hers
his arms around her -
she feels safe.

he turns around in his sleep
and she turns around along with him
roles reversed -
she wraps her arms around him
and breathes against his neck
her warm body against his
he smiles -
as he feels her heartbeat -
against his back -
soft and rhythmic.
he stays motionless, 
lest she notices he is awake.

then, she would get up
and the moment would end -
of unspoken promises of togetherness.
they'd get busy with life
and would hardly even find time -
to hold hands or kiss each other
like they used to, before life happened.

she closes her eyes
she'd love to lay in bed -
their bodies entwined as one
let the moment freeze;
as long as it could
she knew he wanted the same
she knew he was awake
she could read his body language -
a habit of so many years.
they lay there, together in bed
re-living moments of their carefree past
neither of them ready yet,
to get out of bed -
and face the struggles of everyday life.


They met everyday
They spoke of tomorrows
They'd see the world together,
They promised.

They talked for hours
About waking up to new sunrises
Of living their lives happily
They discussed family;
Of having one someday -
In future.

They always held hands;
When they sat next to each other
As they were hooked to their chemo
They stood by the promises they made
Of being there for the other
Taking care of each other;
Encouraging each another -
As chemo took a toll on their health.

*Selfless Love*

he let her play 
with his toys
let her break them -
during one of her tantrums
he held her close
when she was scared of the dark
he combed her hair
and tucked her in bed.

he was her brother -
not by birth but by fate;
until someone took her away,
for her good,
they told him.

he would soon learn -
not to think of her
to let go of her memories;
just like he had let go -
the one before her.
he would soon learn -
to love another
just like he loved her.

he was a constant -
his 'sisters-by-fate' were not
he wondered whether they remembered him
once they left him in the orphanage;
a broken child -
the one whom no one wanted.

*best friend*

she was amazed 
by how perfectly his hand fit into hers
as if that's how it was meant to be, forever.

she observed
how their footsteps matched
as they walked together on the street

she knew in her heart
it was him,
the only man she would ever love.

he walked 
oblivious to the turmoil in her mind
his eyes set on his goal.

when he'd seen her first
it'd been love at first sight
only he could not gather courage to talk.

today, he was going to tell her
how much he loved her
he was here to meet her at the cafe.

he crossed the street
holding his best friend's hand
the one who'd encouraged him to go ahead.

they crossed the street
and she pulled back her hand from his
secretly hoping he'd notice.
he walked ahead
a smile on his face
not realizing that his friend had stopped walking.

she watched him as he hugged her
she turned around as he sat down
there was no need for her to be there anymore.

*dandelion wisps*
tanka(taiga - with picture)

like dandelion wisps
scattered in the wind, floating…
scatter me, just let me float -
aimlessly, on the wings of the wind
until I settle in the earth.

*our love*

as we walk,
hand in hand,
in the soft sand.
we talk,
plans of tomorrow,
our journey,
a long way to go.
oblivious to the world, we kiss,
promises of togetherness,
our hearts beat in rhythm,
the dance of happiness.
our lives,
forever entwined,
meant to be,
perfectly designed.

*sand castle*

we build a sand castle
our dreams for our future
wave comes along.

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