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I search for words 
As they elude me
Hiding sometimes behind teary eyes, 
Locking themselves in the mind.

Sometimes -
I find them, 
In a dried tear
On the pillow.

I lure them-
Try to give them a shape -
On paper.
They don't fall prey -
To the temptation. 

Words -
Sometimes -
They are not supposed to be found.


papa hold me, she yelled 
as she ran towards her father 
her arms extended,
a smile on her face -
trust in her eyes. 

he picked her in his arms, 
kissed her forehead
and hugged her tight to his chest -
he loved his baby girl.

he put her down on the ground 
and knelt beside her;
he was at loss of words.
he did not know when -
he would be able to see her again
whether he would be able to see her again.

it was his fault, 
he had to go away 
leave his baby girl alone -
in the care of a stranger. 
it was his fault,
her mother was lying in bed,
gone, stabbed to death -
by him.

it was not his fault, 
he suffered - 
from the worst illness of all -
post-traumatic stress disorder,
they told him
was the monster that ate you alive - 
he never believed until 
it began after the war;
the one he'd won for his country -
was the one that ruined him in the end.


brick by brick
wall to wall
a roof on top
a porch in front
a house we build -
shelter in storm.

care and concern
love in the heart
respect for each other
understanding one another
a home we find - 
where relations matter.

houses can be build
homes need efforts
hard work and tools -
help you to build a house
love and patience -
would help you find a home.


somewhere in time;
long ago 
that led me here -
a place I am at today.

no traces
no proof 
of the road I travelled 
the journey -
from past to present.

I will walk 
towards the unknown
leaving no footprints
from present to future;
no one will know
of the journey I have taken
the road I have chosen.

I will be lost
in the dust of time
who walked this earth
journeyed against the odds.

no memoirs
no chronicles 
will tell how I lived 
floating around 
like a detached leaf -
one day, settling on the earth
an existence lost.

*making a difference*

I fought 
I survived
I refused to float away
without making a difference.

footprints were lost 
in the dust of time
no trace
no proof
I was able to leave behind
of the road I travelled.

I might not be able -
to leave footprints behind
but I will make sure
I leave some mark
of the journey I have taken
the road I have chosen.

I will fight
I will survive
I will make my existence known
I will be remembered 
for the kind person that I am
I will be the seed 
that falls from the tree
to give birth to a new one
I will continue
to exist forever.

*i write*

I write
because I must
I must breathe 
to live
if I don't
I will be lost.

I write
what I feel 
I write
for myself
for others -

I write
I bleed -
on paper;

I write about -
I write
so that I can sleep
at night
I write
so that I can learn
to forgive
I write 
so that I can 
move on

I will write
until the day I cannot;
when I am dead
and gone
I will write
so that
I will not be forgotten.

*Cursed to Love*

Her fate was sealed
The moment she saw him 
When he kissed her
She was cursed to love
Love him,
No matter what
Wrong or right
She lived to love him.

She was a slave 
Of his charms
Everyone told her
She'd sacrifice herself
If he asked of her.

She'd do anything -
He asked of her;
Not because she was cursed
Or a slave of his
She'd do that because -
In him she had found
The missing part of herself
In the circle of his arms
She found her soul was freed.

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