the painting

she existed
only in his paintings
he talked to her
shared his loneliness with her.

one night -
he kissed one of her paintings
and as their lips met
the thin line
between reality and fantasy blurred
and he became a part of her world.

they found him
the next day
sprawled on the floor
below the painting
of a young couple
hung on the wall
in the farthest corner of the room
the couple was kissing
their lips joined as one.
the officer looked closely
the woman was beautiful
and the man was
the dead painter.

a painter, who painted himself
in his paintings,
she shook her head
and walked away
as the lifeless body of the painter
was carried out on a gurney

she never turned to look back
or else she would have seen
that the couple was not kissing anymore
the man had traced his lips
down to the woman's neck.

the officer walked out of the house
locking the door behind her.
the painter
captured in his painting
just the way he wanted it.

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