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trust -
when it comes easily
betrayal -
will inevitably follow.

not everyone
will share your values
give them a stone
and they will throw it at you
you cannot complain, then -
for the hurt they cause you
you might help people
support them in bad times
that does not mean -
they will do the same for you
or even thank you.
they might walk away
after they're done using you
and leave you with a feeling -
indescribable in words
something in between -
hurt and regret.

*the truth*

learn to listen
to the words not spoken -
the in-between the lines
that discloses the truth.

learn to observe
the expression in the eyes
the body language
the silence that screams -
'listen to me".

learn to observe
observe to learn
let go of everything
that's meant to demean you.

in the truth -
that you are;
who you are meant to be
no matter what -
the others say.

*through the pain*

she told herself -
suffering through excruciating pain
when all she could do
was scream in pain
needed an extra effort…
and it will be over soon
she reminded herself;
it took a while
but it was finally over.
she took a deep breath
and closed her eyes
as he was pulled out of her
she heard a loud cry
and her own tears -
rolled out of her eyes
propped up on her elbows -
she saw him
and she smiled;
she ignored the blood-stained sheets
and she smiled
despite the lingering pain
she smiled
because she was born again.
she smiled
because she was a mother.


a writer lives
many lives of his own
as he creates characters
and breathes life into them

he cries
he laughs
he falls in love
and is betrayed
he goes through
every emotion
he's portrayed

he's a survivor
a fighter
he wins over wars
he loses his heart
he reminisces
about the past
he dreams
about the future

a writer
with a pen in hand
is a creator
of a world
parallel to reality
many selves of his
live and die
in that world

the world
where sometimes
the writer
wishes to stay forever
a world where
he has the power
to put an end
to sorrow whenever he wants
where lives
his perfect partner
whom he can love
the way he want

a world where
he is the creator
of extraordinary creation.

*the affair*

every night
she lay in bed
watched the moon
and thought of him

every night
he lay in bed
after sex with his wife
satiated and exhausted

every morning
they texted each other
miss you
love you
want to be with you

they met
they kissed
they worked together
the world unaware
of their relationship
he unaware
of the storm
rising inside of her
she unaware
of the mess
she'd make of his life

each day at work
they were perfect partners
they found time
amidst their work schedule
to be together
sometimes in cigarette room
sometimes in rest room

every evening
they left office together
after they kissed
after they promised
to be together again -
the next day

he smiled
as he got into his car
and thought of his beautiful wife
she smiled
as she got into hers
and thought of how
his hands felt on her body

every evening
after office
they went home
of the hurricane
about to hit their lives
and destroy everything
in its path.


Moments of happiness
Joy all around
a life of dreams
a dream fulfilled.
a hand to hold
a heart that cares
this and more
my heart wishes for you.

a bright future
successful life
health and wealth
a beautiful home and loving family.
I pray, life treats you well
and you succeed
in whatever you do
this and more
is my hope for you.

the innocence -
the child within
may it always be
a part of you
may you grow up
into a man who cares
an understanding soul
who loves and shares
this and more
I pray for you

Today and each day thereafter.


she was a survivor.
it took years
for her to get rid
of that part of her life -
which gave her the nightmares
every night.

she rose like a phoenix
from the ashes of her past
she fought hard
with the demons in her mind
people said she was crazy
that she had 'lost' it
'cannot blame her' -
they said
'especially after
what she has been through'
they sympathized.
she ignored the comments
she did not need the sympathies
yes, she had suffered a lot -
and yes, she had nearly lost it
but she fought back
and she won
the serpent lay dead -
at her feet.

she was a survivor
she had destroyed -
the serpent of depression.

*happily ever after*

a wrong sperm
met an egg
and it happened.
it was a rainy day 
when she was born
even the Gods cried
as she touched the earth
was it because
of her departure from heaven
or her arrival on earth 
no one could tell
not even the angels.
a few of them heard
Gods talking -
about how good she was
how lively and charismatic 
how she made them smile
and how they loved
playing with her
forgetting that they were Gods
and she was a human -
some angels doubted
she was one of them
but the Gods kept silent
no questions were asked
on the day she finally left.

she wept
in a dark room 
alone and scared
an angel hovered around
wondering why no one cared
she was hungry -
waited to be breast-fed
as her mother wept
cursing her fate
she grew up
on bottled milk
on less than half
her share in heaven
the angel watched
tears in eyes
as she grew up 
uncared and unloved.
the angel sat next to her
as she sat in a corner
watching her brothers eat
while she waited
for her turn 
to satiate her hunger 
she gulped down
whatever she got
she did not speak a word 
she never complained
while the angel thought 
about the full plate
the girl was served in heaven.
as she grew up enough to learn
she was taught how to cook
while her brothers went to school 
the angel reminisced of the time
Gods had taught her all they could
the angel watched silently
as she was married-
at a tender age of 12
to a man thrice her age
he watched as she screamed in pain
he watched as she struggled in vain
he watched as years later
the man impregnated her 
with his seed
yet again, a wrong one
meeting the egg.
the angel cried
tears of frustration
the helplessness suffocating
he pleaded
cried in front of Gods 
save them both he cried out loud
and watched
as one of the Gods cried silently too 
watching the tiny figure in His arms
a decision was made
and the angel was sent back to earth
the girl got sick for no reason
and bled to death
and the angel carried her to heaven
where she and her unborn daughter
lived happily ever after...

*who am i?*

who am I? 
do you know me? 
what do you see
when you look at me?
my smile? 
or what's carefully concealed -
behind it?
when you look into my eyes
do you read the story in them?

do you try to understand -
what it means, sometimes 
when I am lost in thoughts?
do you know -
anything about the journey I have taken? 
anything about the choices -
I’ve had to make?

do you know the story -
behind the scars?
have you been a part -
of my nightmares? 
woken up, 
in the middle of the night?
sweating and scared? 

if you know not;
absolutely anything -
about my path
about how I got to be -
where I am;
think for a hundred times -
and then some more
before you tell someone -
"I know that girl"

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